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Stephens Capital Corporation, Inc. was formed in 2002 as a full service real estate company specializing in land brokerage services throughout the southeast. Our company provides representation to clients that range from private property owners to institutional and corporate clients in the acquisition or disposition of land assets.

Specializing in land for over 20 years has allowed the principal our company to become synonymous with land acquisition and disposition. Our continuous involvement in land transactions year after year, inclusive of several major land transactions, allows us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the land market and growing trends. In addition, our research department tracks area sales, developments and rezoning cases providing us with data that is current and extremely detailed. We are able to compile this data and prepare a comprehensive marketing analysis that will maximize exposure of our client’s asset to the market as a seller or provide market boundaries as a buyer. Our clients consistently profit and benefit from our methodical marketing strategies that culminate our research, expertise, and market knowledge with our extensive relationships within the land community.

Our company is committed to providing impeccable service to our clients that is incomparable throughout the real estate industry.  Our company goes to great lengths to exceed our clients’ expectations and is a service leader in our market.

180 Allen Road, Suite 309 South, Atlanta, GA 30328

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